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Graphic design, concept development and text

Storytelling, networking events, etc.


Graphic design for print and web, concept development and guerilla marketing, with a focus on small and start-up companies.

Start a business, publish books, go on vacation, and much, much more without savings.

Open networking meetings with short lectures (like TedTalks), live music and mingling.

Publisher with small publications and interesting monthly Café Lectures at 20 Grams Café in Copenhagen.

Stories around the fire is exactly what the name suggests: We sit around a fire and tell stories, as people have done for 100,000 years.

Self-publishing of printed books (Print-on-demand), e-books, audiobooks, podcasts, video channels, blogs and more.

Display your art in cafes, or give your cafe walls new life with changing art exhibitions. Here, artists and cafe owners can find each other.

T-shirts and mugs for you who have an absurd and irreverent sense of humor. Even the product images are quite good ‘memes’.

What would the world look like if we had been more culturally conservative 1,000 years ago? What do we hold onto and what have we lost?

Learn more about the Sami – the indigenous people of Scandinavia, found in northernmost Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Here you can arrange – or find – a merger guild in a private home, where you can meet new people and experience new food.

Louis Award is a prize awarded to the country’s best street food – a prize for those that neither the James Beard Award nor the Michelin Guide sees.

SVANSK is a Danish-Swedish magazine with a focus on the culture around Øresund. The articles are in Danish or Swedish, with translation.

Graphic design with roots in Nordic culture, from Vikings and Sami to modern Scandinavian design.

  • Hasse “Hassan” Sørensen, based in Malmö, Sweden
  • Born in Denmark 1970
  • Graphic designer, copywriter and startup consultant
  • I have lived in nine different countries
  • I speak Danish, Swedish, English and a little Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Spanish, French and German
  • Former scout and squatter
  • I have clients from Nuuk, in the Atlantic, to Nouméa, in the Pacific
  • I have clients from the United Nations to pizzerias, sex toy shops and parish councils
  • Co-founder of Inspiring Connections in Denmark and Sweden, Ministry of Propaganda Publishing, and the cultural magazine Svansk
  • Nominated for Design of Asia Award 2011 and received Expert Award 2015
  • I have written the books “Manualen til livet” (The Manual to Life), “Jeg fik ikke en båd” (I didn’t get a boat), “Rejsen rundt om solen” (The Journey around the Sun) and “Næ, men jeg har talt med Gud om det” (Nope, but I have spoken to God about it)
  • My CV here